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Services cost


It is our big pleasure to propose for your consideration our professional services
for your flights to/within Russian Federation. We are not a new company on this market
and have corporate and private relations strong enough wit the Russian aviation authorities
and  government and semi-government organizations  close to them to provide
very high level and strongly guaranteed services  to your company on a very attractive prices:
1.      To get O/F and Landing Permissions  for the flights To/Over Russian Federation:
Standard charges for these services are the following:
More then 72 Hours before the flight
Less then 72
and more then24 Hours
Less then 24 Hours
Permission for the flight to Russia
120 Euro
200 Euro
250 Euro
Changes in original request
50 Euro
75 Euro
100 Euro
·         Following order for ground handling  gives 30% discounts for the flight clearance.
2.      To provide Ground Handling Services in all Russian Airports, including, but not limited to,
ground handling, air navigation services, purchase of ACFT fuel, catering and any other
related services as the Client may request (crew and clients transfer, hotel accommodation,
VIP lounges, insurance, etc.) 
Standard charges for any airport within Russia are the following:
Organization of ground handling at one airport
Supervising(on your request)
Service support  for application less than 24 Hours prior to the operation
Introduction of changes in previously submitted application
Handling service cancellation
For any charges of the third parties (Airport & Handling Fees, Air navigation, Parking, Refueling, etc.)
our service price will be as follows (in percentage of sum total in third Parties’ bills):
Disbursement Rates
If payment done prior the flight
If  payment on a credit basis
3.      We have exclusive prices and services from Russian authorities and partners which
gives us a chance to establish long-term and successful cooperation and give you additional possibilities
to increase operations to/from Russian Federation airports and to provide bigger range
of services to your clients.
Please note that we can provide also the following  services  that may  provide some advantages
To our cooperation, such as:
·         All kind of Services can be done on a credit basis
·         Payments between European banks
·         Guaranties of our competence by the Swiss Law
·         Our close  relations with Russian decision makers
·         Our service at any CIS and Baltic Countries, European and
Asian States including any problematic destination.