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05.08.2010 ARGUS unveils on-line charter registr

ARGUS International has launched a new on-line registry of charter operators that features the ARGUS Charter Evaluation and Qualification (CHEQ) rating.

In the decade that ARGUS has been utilizing the CHEQ data analysis system, these ratings have never been available free to the public, in a searchable, on-line registry. Currently, there are 418 charter operators worldwide holding a Gold, Gold Plus, or Platinum rating.

Since 2000, ARGUS has extracted, filtered, and vetted data on charter operators around the world through their Charter Evaluation and Qualification program. To score the gathered data, ARGUS uses a proprietary algorithm that has formed the foundation of the only rating system in the business jet charter marketplace. This scoring system that is the backbone of CHEQ is designed to provide charter buyers with an independent, third party, factually based rating based on an operator’s actual safety history.

Operators can achieve either a Gold Plus or Platinum rating through a combination of having their data analyzed and an on-site audit of their operation. The audits must be performed by ARGUS using the ARGUS Platinum standard as the benchmark. The number of ARGUS rated operators has been rising steadily and currently consists of 306 Gold, 27 Gold Plus, and 85 Platinum rated charter operators.

“We are seeing this growth as a result of the charter marketplace rebounding from the recent recession, while at the same time the FAA and NTSB are placing even more emphasis on the appropriate method by which charter should be bought and sold,” said Joe Moeggenberg, ARGUS President and CEO.

“While there is no guarantee for safety, we believe a safe operating history combined with an audit against industry best practices is a good starting point for any buyer of charter services. ARGUS rated operators have proven their commitment to safety with well over 700,000 flight hours per year. Although their rating is just one part of the information we have compiled on these operators, it is a significant enough piece of data that we felt it was time to make these ratings accessible to the general public.”

“ARGUS is a huge proponent of accurate, easy to use due diligence programs, and on-site safety audits,” added Terry Webb, ARGUS Executive Vice President responsible for the audit program. “We have nearly 50 people involved in these two areas, and on an annual basis we will perform over 150 on-site audits on air carriers and charter companies around the world, and receive and vet over 1 million pieces of data on these same operators.”