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30.04.2009 Boeing cites progress with FAA on 787 certification

With first flight scheduled within two months, Boeing says it has submitted 2,280 compliance reports to the FAA so far to support type certification for the 787 programme.

Those submittals represent nearly 60% of the data required by the FAA to grant certification, said Mike Delaney, Boeing's 787 VP and chief flight test engineer, today during a programme update.

The FAA requires about 3,900 "deliverables" by Boeing to obtain for 787 certification.

Only 275 deliverables are dependent solely on data gathered during the upcoming flight test phase, says Delaney. A larger number of data points are based on analysis and then substantiated in flight test, adds Delaney.

Boeing has received two exemptions for the 787 from FAA certification rules, says Delaney, with a third exemption now under discussion. The details for the third exemption were not immediately available.

The 787 has also required the FAA to issue a total of 16 special conditions to cover new technology, says Delaney.