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15.04.2009 The 'great airport race' tests Edmonton's two airports


15.04.2009 Brazilian Air Force signs deal launching Embraer KC-390 tanker-transport

Embraer today launched a jet-powered military tanker-transport with a new contract from the Brazilian Air Force signed on the opening day of the Latin American Aerospace and Defense (LAAD) exhibition in Rio de Janeiro.
The new aircraft, designated the KC-390, is derived from the E-190 passenger jet, but is substantially different. The military configuration include such major design changes as a high-wing, T-tail and aft ramp.  

14.04.2009 Should The Government Intervene More In The Airline Business?

Given the recession and continuing economic woes of the airline industry, is House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman James Oberstar, D-Minn., going in the wrong direction as he seeks to tighten foreign ownership limits and increase antitrust scrutiny of global airline alliances? Or can the airline industry be profitable and serve the interests of the traveling public without greater government intervention? 

14.04.2009 To Save Money, Airlines Grounding More Aircraft

The airline industry has always been a tough place to make money. Famed investor Warren Buffett has been quoted as saying that the industry as a whole hasn't made a profit in its 120-year history.

Aviation industry consultant Mo Garfinkle puts it this way: "How do you make $10 million in the airline business? You start out with a hundred million." 

14.04.2009 US Airlines May Cancel More Aircraft Orders

US airlines, which have already downsized, may be forced to defer or cancel more aircraft orders if the prolonged recession further erodes travel demand and continues to choke credit markets.

Experts say the possibility for more order modifications in the near future is growing. That's bad news for airlines in need of modern aircraft, and also for plane makers. 

08.04.2009 Private Sky predicts further growth for managed fleet

April 1, 2009:

Ireland's Private Sky, which has added a Hawker 800XP based at Belfast's Aldergrove airport and a Hawker 900XP to its managed fleet, believes its traditionally competitive pricing is standing it in good stead. The company, formerly Airlink Airways, anticipates its management fleet will expand despite the economic downturn. "However," Andrew Shubotham points out, "this will depend on our clients' decisions." 

08.04.2009 DC Aviation negotiates with airline to develop vip charter operation

April 1, 2009: 

08.04.2009 Luton Airport is to become the first UK airport to charge drivers for dropping passengers off at the terminal.


By David Millward, Transport Editor
Last Updated: 7:11AM BST 08 Apr 2009

Motorists will have to pay £1, which will allow them to spend just 10 minutes in the refurbished drop off zone.