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15.05.2009 Boeing could offer all-new 777 replacement to rival A350 within four years

Boeing says that it could respond to any threat from the A350 XWB family with an "overwhelmingly superior" new airliner to replace the 777 before the end of the next decade.

Airbus marketeers believe that they have their rival on the ropes following the sales success of the A350 amid the Boeing 787's difficulties and the lack of clarity over a succession or development plan for the 777. 

14.05.2009 ATR enters the business aviation market

European turboprop manufacturer ATR is entering the business aviation market with the launch at EBACE of the ATR Corporate.

"We are working internally on a nickname for the aircraft, but we wanted to come to EBACE to promote the idea of comfort, performance and efficient travel on a platform that is proven," says ATR sales director Milco Rappuoli. 

12.05.2009 Blu-ray makes business aviation debut

Retrofit cabin entertainment equipment-specialist Flight Display Systems (stand 1649) has unveiled at the show business aviation's first purpose-designed Blu-ray DVD player.

The Alpharetta, Georgia-headquartered company announced its plans to offer the Blu-ray system at last year's NBAA show, but the equipment is making its debut at EBACE. The company began shipping systems to customers at the end of April. 

12.05.2009 Embraer moves Lineage completions to Brazil

Embraer has decided to move the completion work for its flagship VIP Lineage 1000 twinjet from DeCrane subsidiary Pats Aircraft in the USA to the airframer's São José dos Compos headquarters in Brazil, starting with aircraft number five. 

07.05.2009 Airbus changes A380 delivery schedule for 2009/2010

Due to the current economic and aviation crisis and following specific customer requests for deferrals, Airbus is adapting its A380 aircraft delivery schedule for 2009/2010. According to the new plan, Airbus expects to deliver 14 double-decker aircraft in 2009 and more than 20 aircraft in 2010. Onward production rates and deliveries are dependent on airline demand and availability of customer financing. Airbus will take mitigating actions against the negative effects of the new A380-plan on free cash-flow of the company. There will be no significant impact on EBIT. 

06.05.2009 Light at the end of the personal jet tunnel

Favouritism is clearly at work as general aviation manufacturers make substantial cuts across product lines. With one exception, the personal jet programmes in progress at six airframers have stayed relatively intact as the companies look to better position themselves for what promises to be a growth market for the fuel-efficient jets when recovery comes. The exception is Eclipse Aviation, whose Eclipse 400 single-engined four-seater has become a victim of the company's bankruptcy and pending liquidation. 

05.05.2009 Start-ups persevere

Despite the current economic gloom, business aviation start-ups are striving to bring their products to market and avoid becoming yet another failing statistic in this highly volatile and cash intensive industry that has become the resting place of so many failed programmes.

Honda Aircraft plans to start a four-aircraft flight-test and certification programme for its new light jet in the third quarter and says it is in the process of hiring 100 engineers with experience in new aircraft design, development and certification and will grow its head count to 400 this year. 

04.05.2009 Brittle business - Business jet programme update

These are tough times for business aviation. An industry that only 12 months ago was reporting record aircraft orders, lengthy backlogs and basking in one of the longest periods of growth in its history is now gripped by one of the darkest recessions for 70 years. The meltdown across the world's financial markets and the subsequent global economic recession has had a catastrophic impact on airframers. They have been forced to cut production and slash their workforces because of order cancellations and deferrals from cash-strapped customers. 

04.05.2009 Embraer Lineage 1000: Where modest meets magnificent

The Embraer Lineage 1000 experience begins on the ramp, where the polished leading edges of wings and engine inlets differentiate this long-legged $41 million executive jet from its commercial service 100-passenger Embraer 190 brethren. With three-tone choices of livery, the aircraft at rest is at once understated in its potential and overstated in its countenance, an airframe unlikely to be mistaken for the handiwork of any another manufacturer. 

04.05.2009 First 787 sees daylight, rolls to fuel dock

Boeing has rolled its first 787 Dreamliner out of the paint hangar after a week-long hibernation, marking the first time the composite jetliner has been presented publicly since the July 2007 rollout ceremony.

Flightlglobal.com.affiliate and FlightBlogger editor Jon Ostrower was on site to view the roll out just as the modified 747-400 Large Cargo Freighter was landing nearby.

While in the fuel dock, ZA001 will undergo fuel system calibration tests later this week before moving officially to the Everett flight line for its first auxiliary power unit and engine start.