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Menu types


«VIP» class meal - This meal distinguishes wider assortment of salads, meat, fish and vegetable snacks. A wide range of hot dishes is always available. VIP class meal also includes a great assortment of desserts: fruit mousse, fruits, cheeses, cakes, pies, ice-cream. Besides extra fruits are available: nuts, dried fruits, yoghurts, cigarettes etc. Alcohol is in the menu. Its level, assortment and quality is higher than in the first class and of foreign production only.
The cost of order may vary from 50$ for flight up to 1 hour per 1 person, 70-100$ per flight over 1 hour per 1 person.

"First" class meal - This class of meal is closer to VIP class, but, as a rule, limited with strict menu with less assortment than in VIP class. Alcoholic drinks are represented with products of foreign production.  The cost of order may vary from 30-50$ for 1 person per flight.

"Business" class meal – Level of this class meal is higher than in economy class. As distinct from economy class meal two snacks are present: both meat and fish one. Dessert is of level higher than in economy class meal. Either fruits or dried fruits are in the meal. Alcoholic drinks of Russian production are sometimes included.
The cost of order may vary from 10 to 30$ for 1 person per flight.

"Economy" class meal - Economic meal may be served with a hot dish and without hot dish (it depends on the flight time), at passenger’s option assortment of hot dishes ranges from one to three is offered. Such dish has either meat or fish snack in a set. If alcoholic drinks are served in economy class, it is usually inexpensive beer or wine.

The cost of order may vary from 6 to 10$ for 1 person per flight.